Mitigation Landing Page

Why are you seeing this page?

You have been directed to this page as a result of multiple copyright infringement notices AT&T has received from Copyright Holders. AT&T has sent multiple email alerts from the AT&T High Speed Internet Service Center to alert you that copyright infringement notices have been received from Copyright Holders.

Immediate Action Is Required

You must complete the Educational Tutorial.

Troubleshooting Tips:


I usually go to Google and then click in Gmail to get my email. But when I try to access Google, I get sent to the education site. How do I access Gmail?


Gmail can be accessed by entering gmail.google.com in your internet browser.


I took the tutorial, but still not able to have full Internet access.


Once tutorial is complete it could take up to four hours to restore your access.


I took the tutorial and waited four hours but I am still directed to the Mitigation Landing Page.


Please ensure the following steps are taken to restore your full access.

  1. Check "View Alerts" to ensure your Tutorial has been recorded.
  2. Restart the Residential Gateway
  3. Restart any additional Local Area Network Devices such as Wireless Routers attached to your network (if applicable - most Residential Gateways have this built in)
  4. Restart the Computer or Device that is still getting the Mitigation Landing Page.